The only cryptocurrency that runs on 100% renewable energy sources

Developed by experts

towards a sustainable and secure future of digital currency.

What is OCTOLAR?

OCTOLAR is the first cryptocurrency that uses only green energy. We choose to keep strict control over where the currency is processed and mined so we can ensure that there is 0 carbon dioxide emission connected to the OCTOLAR.

Sustainable future

Green by design

OCTOLAR is a controlled cryptocurrency, that we only allow running on green energy. We make sure that any processing node or miner is only allowed into the network after we can certify that the electricity used is from renewable sources.

Safety & Expertise

Based on the newest open source blockchain technologies we created a safe and sustainable cryptocurrency. OCTOLAR was carefully developed and designed by experts from computer science, mathematics and environmental engineering with years of expertise and experience.

Clean industry

Industry support

The octolar cryptocurrency has been created to support the development and use of the industrial-scale production of green energy. We aim to create a new standard for the use of cryptocurrencies.

Fair trade


We award 12.5 new OCTOLAR per block, an amount that gets halved every 840,000 blocks. There are 84 million octolars, which is 4 times more units than Bitcoin.

The electronic currency of the future

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, octolar is only allowed to run on green energy and thus prevent the carbon dioxide emissions connected to the classic cryptos. We only allow connections from peers where we are sure that they don't produce CO2 as we don't want to be another bitcoin with emissions of whole countries.

eco friendly

Eco Friendly

We promote eco-friendly mining, and encourage everyone interested in mining the octolar to use green energy. We will only allow green nodes to connect.

Location independent

Location independent

The currency by definition is location independent. But we care where the energy comes from. We want to prevent the impact on the local communities that is caused by the use of fossil fuels.

100% green

100% green

By ensuring the sustainability of the energy supply for the octolar we allow our future to be sustainable.

Future growth

Future growth

As brand new crypto the octolar has a great chance to flourish. Grow together in the community while we make sure that the growth doesn't damage our future.

Why we need  OCTOLAR

Current cryptocurrencies led by bitcoin produce as much carbon dioxide per year as a small country (the Czech Republic or Oman). That is the reason why we came up with an alternative to prevent further emissions and control the network.

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